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Welcome to the SMART Wiki. The intent of this wiki is to share interactive web resources for use on interactive Whiteboards (IWB). If you have favorite SMART Notebook lessons, Promethean Flipcharts or web links you would like to share, please do. Please pass these resources on to your fellow teachers and teachers in training.

Take a look at Six new updates to the App.Smart.JPG

SMART Notebook 14 Taking SMART To A New Level

The Notebook 14 version is unlike the previous versions of the software. Click here to read what the SMART Notebook 14 software has to offer.
Along with the introduction of the version 14 of the software, SMART recently released Maestro an add on located in the Activity Builder that works with the SMART iPad app.

timthumb.pngClick on icon to find out more about the Notebook 11 App.

Using the SMART Notebook app, it will be possible to use many of the tools typically used on the SMART Board. It will be possible to open SMART Notebook file on an iPad, from an email or sites such as Dropbox, and write, erase, add text, move objects and insert images. The app will be AirPlay enabled and so will support AirPlay for Apple TV to share iPad screens.
So will you find this app helpful?? Take a look at the video.