SMART Foreign Language/ESL

grammar (1lang.arts.JPGRoad to Grammar - - Road to Grammar is an interactive site that can be used for grades 6-10 to sharpen their grammar skills or for ESL/ELL students as they are learning to become fluent in English. Buttons across the top let you choose from over 300 Quizzes, Games, Practice Tools, or Downloads. Quizzes and games work great on an IWB.

ESL for Kids EFL Playhouse
- - Flash based games for teachers of young English Language Learners. Play along with interactive word searches, crossword puzzles, and quizzes.

Mapa Interactivo: La Coleccion de Teodoro Vidal - - Explore the island of Puerto Rico in this interactive map from The Teodoro Vidal Collection. Map, links and menus are all in Spanish. After viewing the map, learn more about the history of Puerto Rico from this interactive Timeline.

Destination Death - Interactive Game - - You need to be very skilled in Foreign Language to complete this game. Choose from destinations such as France, Spain, or Germany. Choose a destination and embark on a journey that tests your language skills. Try to complete the game as fast as you can!


German - Deutsch Plus! - - This site, based on the BBC TV series covers the journey of Nico Antonescu, a Romanian who lives and works in Germany, but speaks very little German. The site contains 10 modules with videos to help viewers learn basic German skills along with Nico. You will need RealPlayer to
view each video.

Language Games
- - This site contains interactive games of three types: word search, crossword, and hangman. And each game can be played in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Simple interface and easy to use on an IWB.

Deutsch - - Ready to put your German to the test? This site has a good list of interactive drag and drop resources to practice German grammar skills and sight words.

Crickweb Interactive Resources - - Among other resources, Crickweb has a nice list of drag and drop interactive resources for students to practice their Spanish vocabulary skills. You'll also find a good assortment of French language activities here as well.