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Top Marks Music - - Top Marks is a British website offering interactive activities that are great for any IWB. Activities can be found on Rhythm, Instruments, and Creating Sound. Use the Menu on the left hand side of their site to navigate to the appropriate skill level or subject.
Wolfram Tones - - this site allows students to listen to different music styles in a MIDI format. But that's not all. Students can alter the instrumentation, pitch and time of a musical style, then download and save their creation. Fun tool to jumpstart a student's creativity.
Virtual Keyboard- - That pretty much says it all. This link give you a fully interactive piano keyboard (18 keys) to play with on the SMARTBoard or Airliner. Play with 6 drum beats, 9 instruments, and a chord mode. This site is fun to play with. I couldn't get away from it!

Sphinx Kids! - - Thanks to SMARTBoard Goodies for this link. Sphinx Kids! is a music site that has games, learning modules, and galleries that educate kids on all things musical. You can study the composers. Learn the difference between different stringed instruments, or create your own band and practice. Check it out!

Music Games - - This site contains a piano music game as well as links to other online games that utilize drums and the guitar. Exercise your musical skills and play Jingle Bells on the piano.

Music Resources for the K-5 Teacher - - Mrs. Friedman's page contains music resources for the K-5 Music teacher. You'll find Notebook files for your SMARTBoard, as well as PowerPoint files for a wide range of music topics.

Music Quizzes - - Music Tech Teacher is a fully interactive site that provides information on various orchestral instruments, lessons and quizzes on music theory, and games to review music theory & careers. Take a few minutes out of your day and visit the site just to sharpen your piano skills on "chopsticks" and "Ode to Joy".

Music Basics - - Get your Music Basics here. This site provides flash based tutorials on all levels of music theory

Ken Burns' "Jazz" - - PBS site chronicles the film "Jazz" by Ken Burns. Although it provides biographical information on all the jazz greats, this site also has interactive auido components that allow you to sample different jazz styles as well as the discography of many performers.

Music and Arts - Teacher-created site listing various Music and Arts themed SMART Resources.

Creating Music - - This site is a children's online creative music environment for all ages. It's a
place for kids to compose music, play with musical performance, music games and music puzzles. Visit this site to discover fun and easy ways to make music!